Glass supports

This is a unique, new technology in prosthetic dentistry.

It eliminates the problem of insufficient number of own supports, that are necessary for the application of fixed dentures. Furthermore, no surgical intervention is necessary, making it desirable in cases whereupon implantation is not possible or desirable.

Glass supports are made of special material, which adapts to the lining of the mucous membrane of alveolar ridge of toothless portions of the upper or lower jaw, and thus it replaces the insufficient number of own props.

For each individual patient, individual glass supports are pressed. As a result of this, bodies form, perfectly lying on the alveolar ridge. They touch with their entire area mucosal surface, but do not press it..

Numerous clinical tests and satisfied patients indicate that glass support, set free on the alveolar ridge is seen very well.

It can be successfully applied in one or two shortened dentition or stabilization of large rainbow bridges.

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