Dr. Smilen Smilov, D.M.D

Founder and owner of Dental Clinic "Sofia Crown".

He finished his secondary education in the English Language high school of “William Shakespear”, city of Sofia and at Bellerbys College, Brighton, UK.

He graduated at Medical University, School of Dental Medicine, Sofia.

Foreign languages: fluent in English - CPE Cambridge, IELTS-Master 9.

He has a good command in Spanish and French, both written and spoken.

He has specialized in the field of: dental implants, prosthetic dentistry and oral surgery.

Member of the Bulgarian Dental Union.

Member of ITI ( Iternational Team for Implantology).

Member of AAID ( American Academy of Implant Dentistry).

He completed postgraduate studies at Acad. Prof. Dr. Nikolai Popov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), Department of Medical Sciences, in dental prosthetics implanting, and he is entitled to apply implant-prosthetic treatment intra-axial screw implants in his treatment practice.

He specialized in aesthetic implantology with implant system OSSTEM, bone augmentation and sinus floor lifts in Taipei, Taiwan.

Certified by Dr. Marco Tallarico, Rome, Italy in successfully passed advanced postgraduate course in Guided surgical implantology.

He specialized guided regeneration of soft tissue around dental implants in Lisbon, Portugal.

Master implantologist with dental systems - OSSTEM and STRAUMANN

Passed vocational qualifications:

- "Modern non-surgical treatment of periodontal diseases. Maintenance therapy. "- Director: Prof. Adriana Yosifova
- "What is relevant in modern dentistry and what is not" - Director: Prof. Marco Ferrari, Siena, Italy
- "Working with NiTi-TEE system in the treatment of root canals" - headed by Prof. Frederick Erhard
- "Surgery of retinated and semi-retinirated wisdom-teeth – Assoc.Prof. Stoyan Ivanov
- "New paradigms in instrumentation with Twisted Files"
- "Ceramic restorations" - Dr. Nasser Barge, USA
and others.


Dr. Petia Alexieva, D.M.D

She graduated in the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Sofia.
She specialized in the field of dental treatment and prosthetic dental medicine. Specialist with system ZX-27 and Vertex ThermoSens dentures.
Speaks fluently the following languages: English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian and French.
Dr. Petia Alexieva has more than 10 years as dentist in Haifa, Israel

List of courses and qualifications:

2005 - "Dental managment"
2007,2010,2014 - course - "Emergency in the dental practice", Israel
2010 - "The Christensen "Bottom line" prosthetic dentistry update", Tel Aviv, Israel.
2011 - "Aesthetic dental restorations of front and back teeth", Medical University, Jerusalem, Israel, leader of the course is Prof. Bichacho.
2011 - Sofia Dental Meeting - course : " Aesthetic restorations of front teeth", leader: Prof. Angel Putignano, Italy
- course: " Aesthetic restorations of back teeth", leader: Prof. Devoto, Italy.
2011 - "Pediatric dentistry" - International dental studies, Tel Aviv, Isreal, leaders: Prof. Zilberman and Prof. Mas



Dr. Mario Azov, D.M.D

He graduated in the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Sofia.

He shows interest in the field of prosthetic dentistry, as well as in endodontics.

Additional qualifications and certifications:

Certificate for participation in the "International Scientific Symposium" - Dental Medicine.

Certificate of participation - "Science and Art in Prosthetics and Endodontics".

Member of Bulgarian Dentists Union



Dr. Natalia Ivanova, D.M.D

She finished high school "Emilian Stanev," specialized class in biology and chemistry.

She graduated at the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Sofia.

Professional focus: therapeutic dentistry, endodontics, periodontics and pediatric dentistry.

Specialist in orthodontics!

She qualified in orthodontic class of Prof.Dr. Wick ALEXANDER, USA!!!!

Dr. Natalia Ivanova has completed a theoretical and practical course in Lingual Orthodontics

Additional qualifications and certifications:

Teeth-grinding for pure ceramic crowns and bridges - Dr. Ian Hunt (Germany)
-Composite restoration of endodontic treated teeth - Dr. Giancarlo Pondzhone
-Applying techniques of Ni-Ti systems in endodontics - Dr. Sergio Cutler

Member of Bulgarian Dentists Union



Dr. Nikolia Ivanovska, D.M.D

She graduated as a dentist at the Medical University of Sofia.

Active participant in conferences and seminars in Bulgarian and foreign lecturers.

Her interests are focused in the field of prosthetic dentistry, aesthetic restorations, child dental prophylaxis and endodontics.

Additional courses and qualifications: Sealing root canals, techniques, materials, equipment and complications after irrigation

Techniques in prosthetic dentistry

New techniques of composite restorations in the frontal area - a new approach

Direct and indirect aesthetic restorations in the frontal area

Modeling of front teeth in direct restoration

Member of Bulgarian Dentists Union

Dr. Iva Ilieva, D.M.D

She graduated as a dentist at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Sofia University, in 1997. She has gone through numerous courses and qualifications in Bulgaria and abroad in the field of aesthetic and prosthetic restorations. Specialist in approaches for minimal invasive dentistry. Narrow specialist in prosthetic and therapeutic dental medicine. Member of the Bulgarian Dental Association


Nikola Ralchev - Dental Assistant


Emanoela Smilova - Dental Assistant


Gergana Tsvetkova - Dental Technician


Dr. Atanas Smilov, M.D

Medical consultant in Dental Clinic "Sofia Crown"