Proper use of dental floss

1. Tear off a piece of dental floss with a length of about 40-45 cm. Wrap the edges around the middle fingers of both hands, leaving about 5 cm free space between them.

2. With thumbs direct carefully the thread, without pressure and saw-like movements between the teeth you want to clean. Any abrupt introduction of thread in the interdental space could injure gums, leading to discomfort and subsequent inflammation.

3. Curl thread in the form of "C" and gently clean by pointing to the surface. Thus, removing plaque in this area. When you want to clean the interdental spaces of the lower teeth, use your thumbs to the introduction of the thread.

4. Each of the teeth should be cleaned with a portion of the thread. The most intensive accumulation of plaque is in the lower front teeth and upper molars, because there are outputs of the salivary glands.

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