Dental implants

What is oral implantology - grafting of foreign bodies in the oral cavity. The most popular is important - the grafting of a tooth. But there are other defects in the mouth, which are corrected by oral implants - large areas of damaged bone, which is restored by "grafting" - the implantation of bone substituting materials that stimulate the body itself to produce bone in this area and others. Dental implants replace the crown and roots of natural teeth. What are implants? They are composed of a base that plugs / implants / in bone and pin, which is attached at the base. On such a pin crown is attached then the tooth crown is finally restored. What are the stages of implantation? First, the base of the implant is being placed in the jawbone. Second stage of the procedure is the placement of the pin, ending the foundation on which the new tooth will be placed. There are systems that do not require a second stage / there the implant itself has a pin attached /. How long one should wait and which system would be best depends on ones oral and general health as well as on other factors. In this case there is no universal answer - you can trust the dentist. After the second stage, the gums are being left to heal and then the final stage comes - the completion of treatment - implanting the artificial tooth. If you have lost more than one tooth from the tooth row - the implants are placed in appropriate places and build bridges to step on your natural teeth and implants and fill gaps in the tooth row. When completely toothless mouth, implants contribute to more stable attachment of removable dentures in the mouth and prevent the bone from thinning. This is a very important point - the more bone is thinning over time, the more impossible is the attachment of the removable denture in the mouth, implants and stopped this process. What are the benefits of implants? First and very important thing is that implants are being felt and look like real teeth. Implants restore one or more lost teeth without damaging adjacent teeth. In many cases they could eliminate the necessity of wearing removable dentures, or failing that, might make it significantly more stable and comfortable to wear. A great advantage of implants is that they prevent bone thinning in the area of ​​missing teeth. The entire procedure is completed, the dentition is restored, your smile is bright and beautiful.

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