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Dental Clinic "Sofia Crown" has as main objective providing of high quality dental services at reasonable prices. We invested in possibly the best dental equipment and materials on the world market.

Dental Clinic "Sofia Crown" is part of a large scale project, created by a team for development of dental activity in Bulgaria and abroad. Opening of dental offices and clinics in major cities is a priority for expanding of our dental chain network.

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Dental Clinic Sofia Crown working and receiving patients under the Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)


Coming soon! Our next new clinic in Sofia!

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Dental implants

What is oral implantology - grafting of foreign bodies in the oral cavity. The most popular is important - the grafting of a tooth. But there are other defects in the mouth, which are corrected by ...


Proper use of dental floss

1. Tear off a piece of dental floss with a length of about 40-45 cm. Wrap the edges around the middle fingers of both hands, leaving about 5 cm free space between them.

2. With thumbs ...


Glass supports

This is a unique, new technology in prosthetic dentistry.

It eliminates the problem of insufficient number of own supports, that are necessary for the application of fixed dentures. ...