In our dental clinic center there could be made partial (with teeth available) and total (with full edentulism) prostheses. We work with certified dental laboratories with long-year serious experience.


In Dental Clinic "Sofia Crown" we offer making of "soft" dentures, which are made of thermoplastic material, high-aesthetic, unbreakable and these do not have metal hooks. This type of prosthesis is made of methods and materials of "Vertex ThermoSens". What is unique with this type of dentures is that they do not change their color over time and are extremely thin. This makes them the preferred means for dental reconstruction of patients. In cases of a few in number or inappropriately spaced teeth, that are supposed to bear bridge structure, it is usually resorted to removable partial dentures with removable dentures, however these have certain disadvantages. Dr. Smilen Smilov and his team successfully apply modern solution to the problem by means of using prostheses system on glass supports ZX-27. The uniqueness of this system is that patients who still have their own teeth, but do not want to wear removable dentures or implants put in their mouth, can by this method establish lasting and sustainable fixed bridge construction, bridge or denture.

Glass supports ZX-27 are produced from specially tempered glass, which communicates seamlessly with the lining of the jaw. It is to be incorporated into a denture or bridge, as its most important quality is that it replaces the missing tooth own backbone. The system operates successfully in cases of missing posterior teeth.

With severely damaged teeth and such with which there could not be be possible to be conducted classic conservative treatment, we offer to your attention working out of metal-ceramic, total ceramic, zirconium (CAD/CAM) and other crowns and bridges. This form of restoration allows the available tooth structures underneath to be preserved as long as possible in aggressive oral environment.